Tesla Model S Brake Failure

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It seems that it is "normal" for the model S brake pedal to fall to the floor if you use it too much!
As if that wasn't bad enough the placement of the pedals means you stand a good chance of catching the accelerator pedal as the brake pedal gets lower.
This can lead to "unintended acceleration"

The shareholders are howling with outrage that I am daring to cast nasturtiums at their sacred cow.
I happen to think that LIVES are worth more than money.


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    Tesla claims that the brake pedal sinking to the floor is NORMAL and nothing to worry about?
    Yeah.... right!

    Re: Bad brakes
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    Quote from: Brede on Today at. 8:55
    Then Tesla gone over the car and bremsesytemet and concluded that there are no errors in it.
    believe it was the first time the concession was faced with the problem of knowing the brake pedal in Trondheim, so they spent plenty of time researching car. They tested it also against the other cars they had built and all had the same behavior in the brake pedal as our car. Certainly I reassured, have not really been particularly skeptical rather then the brakes worked most of the time.

    I am not reassured. One of the things is that we talk much past each other here on the forum, and that we do not entirely agree on how a braking system generally works. fact that Tesla says that "it's like that on all cars", and other support up around this by agreeing that it appears that it does so in newer cars also no explanation or quality assurance of the problem. For my part so it needs a better explanation than this for me to be happy, and it must NPRA bililsynet too. I have otherwise taken up the issue with the one I know the DMV. I'm not worried that there is something seriously wrong, it's not. My problem is that the good logical explanation for a hydraulic brake system, where it is documented that the system still maintains full force caliprene EVEN IF pedal is bottom - AND that this shoulder part of the design - not available! Now you gladly consider me as an intellectuals, but I can promise you that this is nothing compared to the problems encountered if one is to get this fungsjonaliteten through the DMV. . . It would be appropriate that Tesla came with a good technical reason for why the pedal goes all the way to the bottom.



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    STILL a problem.

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    Re: Bad brakes
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    Video of my car taken today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1TjV3y9l6M&feature=youtu.be It goes straight to the bottom without much great resistance. When I run out and wait for the vacuum pump has built up pressure again it is repeated over and over again.

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    You can show it to the DMV and see if they give you lack lobe. If not it's probably nothing to worry about.

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    Re: Bad brakes
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    Has long complained that I felt that the brakes are not good enough in my TMS. Today I was probably a bit too close to the car in front of the 60 zone and the car slammed on the brakes for a deep hole in the road. Was kjappt on bemsen (so-called fast pannikkbrems). When I was VERY surprised about the brakes did not at all. If I run for 60 km / h and tread brakes with full force, so I'm not close and lock the wheels. Have never felt that ABS has been near and step in and I know very well the difference between ABS and bad brakes. Was really scared of how poor the brakes on Tesla-n's. Can not imagine this going through an EU control even. Due. that I have been frustrated with the brakes, I have firmly set regen. to LOW and tries constantly with hard braking. Can not believe Tesla on Skoyen think the brakes are quite ok. Jr. has a BMW from 97 and I was very impressed with the brakes on it. In Forden who disposes of his wife, I hold on and bumping the steering wheel the first times I brake.

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