Discusted And Broke ,From Ownership Of 07 Sprinter

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The dates i see on this site seem to be from 2010, but maybe someone out there is still having sprinter issues.

Let me start from the beginning, i bought my 07 sprinter2500 new from the dealer about 1000.00 Demo miles on it.
About a month or so from new delivery , i was driving to a place to move something for my wife. We loaded the van and i went to start it, attempted to put it into drive and the shifter was locked?
So i rememberd reading that there was a hole at the side of the shifter housing, if you pushed into it with a pen? or something, it would unlock the shifter yes it worked, but the only problen was,t as i started to drive the van would not upshift, it appeard to be stuck in second gear not the gearshift the transmission would not upshift.

So called aaa, had it towed to the dealer.
Under warranty they replaced a $800.00 Gear shift module

Come to find out i talked to 2 other 07 sprinter owners and both had the same shift module go out too in there new sprinter

Long story short, then, uhm, egr valve, bad wire to starter motor and on and on and on a list that would touch the floor in repairs.

And brakes were never right from new, felt like they had air in the lines.. The grand fanally was last year

Under driver seat there is a special logic module cost: $1,500.00 It had coroded plugs.That, caused it to short out, no water or moisture was found under driver seat, but dealer would not pay for repairs called chysler, no luck i would like to hear similar problems from others, if your out there?would love to get a class action going if enough people would respond petepup...

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