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2004 Odyssey with slow battery drain

ne_ga_antiquerne_ga_antiquer Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Honda

Hi! This is my first post and I hope someone can help.

We own a 2004 HO (we've had it since 2006). Lately we have had to jump the van off a lot.

If one of us drives it every day (even for 10-15 minutes to take our boys to school), it cranks without any trouble.

If we let it sit just one night, the next day the battery is DOA.

No, we don't leave the lights on (the swtich is permanently in the "Off" position) and I always make sure the back is closed.

We also have an issue with the left electronic sliding door not wanting to open or close without us hitting the button on the inside.

Any ideas on what could be draining the battery?



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    davidingilbertdavidingilbert Member Posts: 53

    Hope I am not too late to help you. We had a similar issue with out 09 Ody. It turns out there was a regulator that was drawing power from the battery even with the engine off. The mechanic had to not only rip the door apart, but call the Honda mechanic hotline to deal with the problem because it was so odd. The mechanic needs to look for an energy draw and from where. Good luck.

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