Is this a good lease deal on a 2014 Lexus RX 350?

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2014 RX 350 FWD: Navigation, Premium and Comfort Package
MSRP: $49,645
Purchase Price: $44,422 (after $3,194 discount, $2,028 rebate)
Net Price after tax/lic fees: $45,603
36 mos. lease, 12k/year, $1,500 down, 60% residual
Monthly Lease Payment: $528 (includes tax)

Seems like a decent deal, but would love some input from others. Inking the deal tomorrow.


  • wickedtartwickedtart Member Posts: 3

    Deal on the table... 2014 RX 350, Nav, Lux pkg (8975) 19" wheels, blind spot, tow pkg, tow equip, wheel locks, 2 sets mats, clear bra hood/front/handle wells MSR: $52,584, $47098, 12K, 36 mo $1200 down , Payment $527 including tax. No trade giving old vehicle to child. Hoping they are giving me a good deal this is our 6th lexus from this dealership.....

  • philip17philip17 Member Posts: 25

    I plugged the numbers you gave us into our lease calculator and got a monthly payment of $544, so your deal for $527 looks even better. Perhaps you are getting a better interest rate than we used. By the way, we recently made some changes to our lease calculator so it is more functional. Enjoy your new car!

    Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor

  • tsf1tsf1 Member Posts: 2

    Wickedtart...what is your residual? I assume your $527 includes tax? Seems like a great deal.

  • wickedtartwickedtart Member Posts: 3

    The $527 is including tax. I will call and see what the residual is.. I'll give him a $1 deposit to hold the car since it seems I "did" get a great price...

  • wickedtartwickedtart Member Posts: 3

    Picked up the vehicle yesterday..LOVE it. This forum was a huge help knowing roughly what a 2014 lease was running. This is my 4th RX. The interior finish doesn't scream luxury but the tech is hot. The tech, quieter cabin, and audio are my favorite features.. Getting 19" wheels was just gravy... Thank you all for your comments....

  • MarkHolthoffMarkHolthoff Member Posts: 101

    Congrats on the new car! When you get a chance, post a picture here so we can see it!

  • ang33iefang33ief Member Posts: 63

    New contact with dealer, msrp 47,183, will lease for 42,183, 5,000 off. Lease is for 24 months with 12,000 a year, down approx. 1,500, amount monthly approx. $540 including tax, I believe he said the reds. Was 70. Comments please thanks. Harry

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