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Hello, first of all I am new to this site and would greatly appreciate any help. I looked at a 1996 T100 with 45,000 miles. It was an extended Cab with 4 wheel drive, air, automatic, and also had a stock cd changer? The car lot was closed as it was Sunday so I am not sure if it was a changer or not. I am fairly sure it has a six cylinder. My question is this, what would you think the price might be, I want to stay around 15,000. and is there any issues with this truck. Thanks for any help


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    Until a fellow user (and the ARE helpful around here!) comes along, you might want to run the numbers for your target truck through the TMV Used Vehicle Appraiser here on Edmunds. That should give you a fair price to aim for!


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    T100 is way down low on the list of trucks I'd consider, especially if you have 15K to spend.
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    I have a 96 T100 4x4 Xtra SR5. Has 45,000 miles and had it since new. Problems that I have had with it, was the head gaskets replaced, rear leaf springs replaced(clapping noise)and a couple of other minor problems fixed. All under warranty.

    If you have problems with the above, Toyota will repair/replace. Warranty or not. They know they had a problem with these issues and some others. They have been great for fixing problems on vehicles, under warranty or not. I have two friends that had new motors installed on older model 4Runner and T100, 108,000 and 200,000+ miles respectively, FREE!!! And once they change a item once, it is covered for as long as you own the vehicle, but has to be done by a Toyota Dealership. I have had Toyotas for 20 years now, and you just cannot beat their service. I have owned 7.

    Most of my T100 problems occurred within the first 15,000 miles and have had nary a problem since.

    The 96 comes with a 3.4 litre V-6 only. Can get it with a 5-speed manual or automatic. I have the automatic. Fuel mileage is 14 city, 2 mile trips back and forth to work, 19 Hwy. Have gotten as high as 23 four times driving @ 65-70.

    This is a good vehicle. Don't let anybody who does not own one, steer you away. JD Powers has had it ranked as #1, for when it was being built. Power is decent with the automatic and better with the 5-speed. It does run down the highway very well.

    And I do pull a boat. You would be surprised how well it does this task. People who do not own one just do not know. They hear it has a V-6 and think automatically it is going to be a dog. I had a friend claim that very same thing, untill I took him fishing, pulling the boat, and let him drive. He said it pulled way better than his Ford F-150 302 V-8. He does not bash it anymore and is rather awestruck and how it performs.

    Just go drive it!!!! You will be able to tell whether it will meet up to your standards. This is the longest I have owned a vehicle and plan to hold onto it for several more years.

    Another option, if you want "more power", is Toyota offers a TRD supercharger. Most places charge around $2800.00 installed. Jumps from 190 hp stock, to 260 hp. Torque goes from 220 to 265.

    Price wise at $15,000.00. Book, I do beleve, is around 16,500+. I think if the truck is in good shape, 15 is a good price.
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    Agreeing with above. Do not listen to the non-believers. That is a good price for the model and miles.

    The 3.4 did have problems with head gasket that year but Toyota will fix it free if it blows the head gasket.

    I currently have the 3.4 and its a excellent engine.
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    I drive a 98T100 4wd manual trans 6cyl k-cab w/70,000 miles. I really like my truck. I pull a mid-size bass boat and just about every weekend I haul 2 dirt bikes out to the dessert. I don't know about the price but I do know that you will love this truck. Good luck.
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    I must agree with those who DO own one. You will not be disappointed. I have 93,000 on a 96T100 SR5 Xtra cab. Only one complaint so far...and that is with the Driver side front seat springs, seems to be in need of re-springing as my seat now has a distinct sag to it. The Truck is mechanically sound, and it does tow nicely.
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    I bought my T100 new in '96 and have not had a problem with it thus far(only 49000 mi.). At first I thought I was getting "stuck" with the four banger(reg cab long bed), but it has turned out to be a great engine. I don't really tow anything and I've had one ton in the bed(handled it fine, the weak link was my worn out stock tires). Good mileage too!
    You should consider the T100, just find out if the head gasket has been done on the V6(the dealer should be able to tell you). hth
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    Looking to buy a 97 T100 SR 5. But boy are they tough to find. I live on the East Coast of Central Florida. If anyone wants to jump up to a Tundra and sell me their 97 or 98. email me in the next week (6/4/01 to 6/12/01)[email protected] Thanks.
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