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Problematic Mustang v6 Issues

cmeggettcmeggett Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford

Hey guys I'm having problem with my 1994 v6 mustang. I'll start with turning it on. When cranking, it usually takes quite a while, and takes less time each time if it has recently been started. The check engine light was not on but now is. The MAIN ISSUE is that after a while the "red line" persay drops. It starts at actual redline, then progressively gets lower. It backfires and bogs off of 4500 rpm, then 3500, then 3000. Sometimes 2500 if you're hard enough on the throttle, or if you've been driving a while. I just changed the fuel pump, cleaned the throttle body, and changed the oil. There is a pretty bad antifreeze leak, from both hoses, but I'm fixing that in a few days. After a while it won't start without trying several times and/or giving it some gas to keep it up. I had a top of the head diagnostic that it is the fuel pump, but you can clearly hear it work and/or turn on when you crank the key to accessory. It has a brand new battery. If you have any expertise or knowledge, it is much welcomed. Thanks again.

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