2008 Chevy Impala Engine Stalls on start

bucktaylorbucktaylor Member Posts: 1
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Been having a problem with my 2008 Chevy Impala lately. When the engine is cold and I start the car it starts but stalls a few seconds later. When I start it the 2nd time it cranks for a bit longer and then starts but usually stalls (sometimes it'll stay running). If immediately after starting I give it some gas it'll stay running. Once the car is running or if the engine is still warm I don't have any problems. Occasionally while driving I'll hear the blower motor slow down for a bit but that is all. There are no codes in the computer nor any SES lights on the dash. Car has the 3.6L V6 with around 86k miles on it. Any ideas on what it could be?


  • forddriver4forddriver4 Member Posts: 8

    I would check the alternator. A friend of mine( irrelevant to the car) has a jaguar and it had the same problems and to be sure get it checked

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