Kia Sorento HD radio issues

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I just bought a Kia sorento 2014. it is less than 24 hours old! My problem is that there will be a song on the radio and it goes back and forth between only playing in he front speakers and then switching to surround sound....mid song. The switch happens when the HD light is on ( surround sound) when it is off ( front speakers. This making me crazy!! Any ideas?


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    That is strange! Since you're less than 24 hours into owning the car, let's take a breath. The HD light is (I assume) indicating when and HD radio signal is coming in. So while it's possible that there's some kind if issue with the radio, my gut is telling me that it's also possible that whatever station you're listening to COULD be having an issue with their HD broadcast. Do non-HD stations show the same behavior?

    Since you just bought the car, this is definitely something the dealer should be ready and willing to help you straighten out! I always try to push all the buttons and try everything on my new cars as soon as possible to make sure everything is working.

    Stop back into the dealer or give them a call and tell them you have a question about how the radio functions in HD mode.

  • Thanks! How do I know if a station is HD or not?

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