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Given the fact that a diesel gets better mileage than its gas counterpart, which diesel gets better fuel mileage: duramax or cummins?


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    It will still be running long after the Duramax diesel is dead.
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    I have a 99 PSD, I've been looking at the Dmax and Cummins. The cummins is a heck of a motor looking for a truck and transmissions that can handle it. I have heard about a ton of bad trannys and front end work including recurrant severe brake pull. The Dmax is quiet (who cares) pulls well and has what may finally be the answer in transmissions. The 3500 models I was looking at are still pretty wimpy for a work truck. Get a solid axle under the front of the 4x4, that is how real work trucks are set up. I was dissapointed with both, guess I'll keep the ford a bit longer.
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    though I was disappointed at that GM didn't go to the solid front axle I have never heard of GM front suspension being weak like the old for TTB front suspension. I have hit some serious logs and pot holes with my truck and have never gone out of alignment, on the other hand my dads 90 bronco has never been in alignment

    of course, for diesel I would buy a Dodge with a manual or a Ford, no freakin izusu diesel

    why could GM hook up with CAT?
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    After surfing the 3 major diesel forums it seems there is a ground swell of hot rodding diesel pickups. Is this something new?
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    Gale Banks has been supping up diesels for years. I think the huge popularity of pick ups in the last five years has opened up that market. With all of the truck diesels being turbocharged, increasing power is pretty simple. You can add a computer chip to up the boost and away you go.
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