2012 Chevy Impala Theft deterrent module (TDM)

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Hello, I was helping a friend install a remote car starter for a 2012 Impala and somehow I triggered the TDM and the car will not start (starter won't engage), the headlights won't turn off until after several minutes, trunk latch button won't open trunk, and the ignition key will not release from cylinder.
What precipitated this is I had to figure out what wires were what in the ignition harness. I tapped into the red wire with white stripe in the ignition harness to verify that it's the constant power supply which it was. Next, I verified the pink wire as the ignition wire as well. What I am confused or don't understand is why the TDM engaged. I was very careful not to short out any tapped wires to ground or with other wires. Most importantly, I used a high impedance multi meter (10 mega ohms) to verify which wires were what. Can the TDM sense a 10 mega ohm meter which is designed to be computer safe for circuits and shut down the car? How can I reset the TDM? Thanks

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