2000 Toyota Celica GT suspension troubleshooting

vanellope00vanellope00 Member Posts: 1
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A month ago i bought a 2000 Toyota celica gt with some front end / left side damage. The previous owner says he hit a cat which must be code for cow with the damage i have had to fix. The chasity was bent to the left and front pushed back. We have worked hard on getting the chasity back to its original form but even then i have had problems with the left side of the car being an inch lower than the right side. We have even tried to lower the right side of the car by heating the springs but the left side drops with the right. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem may be or how to fix it. I love this car and do not plan to get rid of it but im ocd and would like to get it straightened out literally.
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