First Year Woes! Buick Enclave

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Gm was out to lunch when they built this first year intro. (2008) enclave. It's a beautiful car but is beset with a tremendous amount of mechanical issues. Iv'e had just about all the major components replaced except the engine. My latest fiasco is the humming noise coming from the power steering pump because the steering rack leaked fluid. Incidentally the dealer claimed thy didn't hear the noise to replacing the rack a couple of years ago. Now, i had to spend $1200.00 today to install a new rack, I choose to go to an independent garage that I trust to do they work. The dealer sucks and I do not trust them. I went to the dealer early on with this problem and no action on the rack. I should be compensated for this latest bill since the problem started well within the warranty period. I will not purchase another American Automobile in my life due to the inattention you get when trying to resolve mechanical issues. Lastly, it still leaks when a hard rain comes. Had this issue also supposedly fixed by the dealer early within the warranty. GM, you should stand behind your products. Where is your quality control.


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    @palleyallie said:

    It appears your problem is outside the 4 yr/50,000 mi warranty period. Did you buy an extended GMPP warranty from GM by any chance?

    I would take my copy of the bill from the service date at the dealer where you complained about a noise and malfunction to the dealer and speak to the service manager, not the sharp-tongued service writers, or to the dealer owner. Show them your bill for replacing. Just see what they say.

    If you don't have a copy of the bill from that service visit, ask the dealership to print one off. Ask for the complete printout of all visits of your VIN number to their store and the charged services they provided.

    Then you can always call GM.

    I will not purchase another American Automobile in my life due to the inattention you get when trying to resolve mechanical issues.

    Do you think that the other car company dealerships don't have the same problems? You should read the forums about Honda's VCM or their transmissions. And there are many examples from toyota and the others. The word-of-mouth reputations of other companies aren't always reality.

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    Those lambda's do seem to have a disproportional amount of different issues and problems if you follow the blogs on them though.

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    I just bought a2008 enclave. Less than one month into it we had to bring it in for making a noise like per steering issues. $2000 later for list of things buick says need to be repaired. 40% higher on tune ups rotation etc plus $600.00 for an a chose leaking?
    We had a Toyota 4runner for216000 miles with little to no issues
    Looks like we should have kept the Toyota

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