tips on how to remove valve cover of 87 toyota corrolla

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I'm having a hard time getting the valve cover off of the engine. I did all the steps necessary...but the valve cover won't budge. Lots of dried oil and sludge on the border of the gasket and valve cover. I've even used a block of wood and hammer to jar it loose, it won't work. anyone have experience or advice i can follow? this is an old 87 toy corrolla


  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Member Posts: 872
    Get a gasket scraper and put it in the crack where the cover meets the head, make sure not to gouge the head up. Tap with a hammer till it wedges the cover off. If all all else fails get the shotgun!
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    I have the same model Corolla. After you remove the nuts from the top of the cover, be sure and also remove the gromments from the studs, they twist off. They are hard to see if you don't know that they are there. If you have removed these, then tap the cover with a rubber mallet. Be very careful if you pry it off. You may want to try and pry it with a hard plastic object, such as a windshield scraper. It sounds like a valve adj is due. Fairly easy, just follow the manual.
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