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2003 Avalon Aftermarket audio

ann88ann88 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Toyota

i want to listen to Sirius XM in my avalon, which is the JBL type. so looks like i need to get a new radio from Best Buy, along with wiring harness and the radio 'kit' which changes the nice wood dash over to black plastic. :@ at any rate, i'm ok with that as long as it doesn't look horrible. i'll have to have Best Buy do the install as i have absolutely no clue about audio changes.
thought i'd go with a radio that also has bluetooth capability for my phone - and thought if i went with the larger radio 6.1 it would look better in the car than the more common smaller ones.

  • as with many other owners of this car, i have long turned off my rear speakers since the subwoofer has major problems, and seems to be expensive to replace................
  • so, my questions - can i just disconnect the subwoofer and still have decent sound?
  • if i install the aftermarket radio, will my sound be the same - the best buy kids have told me it won't 'improve' my sound, but they really couldn't answer if the sound would be the same........all to say, i don't want it to be worse.

any other tips would surely be appreciated as i've never used an aftermarket radio in a vehicle in my life! generally the car goes before the radio, but in this case, the avalon is an 'old lady' car with only 50,000 miles and is in great shape.
thanks for any thoughts -


  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,583
    edited April 2014

    You need to go with a pro, like Crutchfield, to help you with your new audio system build. JBL and Infinity OEM systems sometimes have separate amps in the car to drive their subs and speakers, so changing the head unit and driving a high powered signal into another amp is not a good idea. It depends on the car and trim level. So, without spending time I don't have digging into the specifics of your car, this is the best guide to help you, and they have great products. Here is a Crutchfield URL about what works in your your car, and what other owners have installed in their Avalon's.

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

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