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Has anyone had the experience of not being able to remove the ignition key?

seekertoy04seekertoy04 Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Toyota

I have a 2002 Toyota Rav 4. I cannot remove the key from tumbler. I am able to turn the ignition on
and turn to accessory position, however I cannot remove the key. The odd thing is that I can remove the key if I disconnect the battery. Any ideas? Thanks


  • slinger1slinger1 Clearwater, FLPosts: 28

    Hi there, a little more info, please. Has this happened before? Is this your first time driving the vehicle? There is usually an interlock system on late-model cars that will not allow you to remove the ignition key unless the transmission selector is in the Park position. Disconnecting the battery may be allowing you to do that as the interlock is an electrical device and runs off the battery.

  • Thanks your response. This problem has not happened before, and no, I have been driving the toyota Rav 4 for several years. I think that you nailed it in your answer, there may be an issue
    related to the alignment of the park position that is not allowing me to remove the key. Is the interlock device something that can be purchased and installed easily, and would that correct the problem. It seems to make sense, since disconnecting the battery allows me to remove the key.
    Any sugestions? Thanks.

  • slinger1slinger1 Clearwater, FLPosts: 28
    edited April 2014

    Yes, it could be purchased, but not sure how easy it would be to install. Fortunately, a technical service bulletin was issued for that problem back in 2005 that might apply to your vehicle, and sometimes a dealer may honor a warranty repair even though your vehicle is out of warranty if you plead with them nicely. Ask them to look up EL004-05 issued March 31, 2005. If that doesn't work we may be able to troubleshoot the circuit and narrow down the cause.

  • Thank you for your help. I will do some footwork and follow up on your suggestion.
    In the meantime I just leave the key in the ignition and lock the doors manually, not the best but
    temporary solution until this can be solved. Best, George

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