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kia vancouver dishonest policies

ranmeranme Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Kia

I recently purchased a KIA Rio from this company. The Rio is overpriced and lacks power compared with my 20 year old Tercel. Also the KIA uses more gas. The policies and service at this dealership is poor at best. They made me wait over a month to get the car. When I purchased the vehicle the salesman informed me of a lifetime oil change service that was free. They failed to inform me that the only way to get the "free" service is to pay for it. If I am paying for it how is it free? I had a meeting with the sales manager Dave O'Bryne who then informed me that the service is $28 for the first time and more the next. I asked how much more? Dave then loudly and rudely stated "IT WILL BE MORE!" I said $10 is more $100 is more $1000 is more what does more mean? Dave then highly agitated said "nobody else has this problem so why should you? " He then said "if you don't like it sue me" and threw me out of his office. The man uses bullying and intimidation tactics when he can't use reason. The airport shuttle service they offer is also not very useful it can only be used when the store is open so if you have an early morning flight or late night flight it cannot be used. Overall do not buy a KIA or buy from KIA Vancouver

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