2007 Escalade rear camera problems

jase2jase2 Member Posts: 3
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I just bought the Escalade and the service rear camera comes on the screen when you put it in reverse. I have checked the fuse and it looked good. Has anyone had this problem? I would like to try and fix it myself if anyone can give me a few hints on trouble shooting the problem. Thanks for any help, jase2

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  • slinger1slinger1 Member Posts: 28

    Sounds like that's normal behavior, if you mean that you get a view of what's behind you when you place the vehicle in reverse. You don't want to back up into something that you might not see with your own eyes!

  • jase2jase2 Member Posts: 3

    You get no view of anything, just service your rear view camera comes on the screen. Thanks

  • jase2jase2 Member Posts: 3

    slinger1, thanks for looking around the forum ,and finding the links. I'll read them when I get a chance. Thanks for your help again

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