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STAY AWAY FROM GM! my 2006 impala with only 79k i bought new and have kept up all maintenance on and was lady driven has a bad transmission and i contacted gm customer service directly and told them that a transmission with less than 80k shouldn't fail especially since i have done all required maintenance considering im now out of warranty. i was then told that in order for gm to "help" me i would have to take the car into the dealer and have the problem diagnosed. at first i was told the diagnostic fee was $139....after going back and forth with gm customer service i got them to waive the fee. so i limp the car over to the dealer only to be told that the diagnostic scanner showed 3rd gear having a problem but in order to be able to tell me EXACTLY what the problem is, they want to charge $860 just to tell me what needs to be replaced. so if i was paying for this they would expect $139+$860 which equals $1000 JUST TO TELL ME WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! AND GM SAYS THEY'RE WILLING TO PAY FOR ONE HOUR OF LABOR AS A COURTESY! GEE WHIZ HOW NICE OF THEM! I PAID $23K FOR A BASE IMPALA (RIP OFF BUT I NEEDED A CAR SO DEALER SHAFTED ME) that has taken a dump at under 80k miles! CHEVY SUX AND SO DOES GM! ill be spreading this along BTW


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    I was a GM loyal customer but I am rethinking my loyalty given the trouble I have had with the Chevy Impala 2007. I would recommend people to stay away from GM cars given my experience. I am concerned about the poor quality of engineering of the GM cars. I loved GM but I was disappointed by my car. Please advise.

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