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Best Subaru for (big) dog tranport/rescue work

doglover1313doglover1313 FloridaPosts: 1
edited April 2014 in Subaru

I am leasing a Honda CRV now. Love the car but I am interested in buying a Subaru next. I was seriously looking at the Forester, but the hybrid CrossTrek is appealing to me.

I have 3 dogs and occasionally do transport for rescues. Is the CrossTrek cargo area big enough? I'm wondering if I'm going "too small" in considering this vehicle?

(Of course, I used to have a VW Cabrio and took my German shepherds everywhere in that -- no crates, though)


  • wally318wally318 Posts: 1

    Hi Doglover1313, we have a 2011 Forester that comfortably fits our 56lb collie/retriever mix. A few weeks ago we had him, as well as a 80lb greyhound and 50lb springer spaniel in there and they comfortably fit (though note that we had the Greyhound in the back seat, and other two in the "trunk"). We had the greyhound and our dog in the trunk simultaneously another time and they had plenty of space. The Crosstrek has substantially less cargo space with or without the back seat down, so my recommendation would be to go with the Forester.

  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 192

    You can use the compare function on the "build your own" part of this site but I think you'll find the Forester better all around. I think they'll hold their value better as well. My niece has her second Forester and she hauls her TWO 90 pound labs around and those boys love it in the back.

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