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Directions for cooling system flush and refill for 1998 Buick LeSabre. Thanks

djkeadjkea Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Buick

General instructions for coolant change on 1998 buick leasabre?

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  • djkeadjkea Posts: 5

    Thanks very much. I have quite a bit of experience with a wrench and am familiar with general cooling system maintenance. I was curious to see which type of coolant would be recommended here and if there would be any instructions relating to flushing the system and/or insuring there would not be any air trapped during refill. I drained, flushed, then refilled my buick as per these instructions and have no heat coming from cabin heater. Any tips on "burping " the heater? Thanks again, David.

  • slinger1slinger1 Clearwater, FLPosts: 28

    Do the heater lines going to and fro feel warm? Not familiar with burping the heater other than making sure the temperature control is set to warm so the water control valve is open. Does the water valve function?

  • djkeadjkea Posts: 5

    I am not certain that the valve is opening. One hose hot the other is cool.

  • slinger1slinger1 Clearwater, FLPosts: 28

    Sounds like the valve is stuck closed. I'll have to do some more looking into the repair procedures.

  • djkeadjkea Posts: 5

    thx very much. i think it is possible i have debris lodged in heater. The coolant had much brown crud prior to flushing. I never removed and flushed the actual heater hoses due to their location being quite a pain in rear to access.

  • djkeadjkea Posts: 5

    Many thanks slinger. I am heading out to pick up distilled H2O, thermostat and coolant now. When I return I will go ahead and remove hoses to heater and back flush prior to continuing . I will check back here and update with progress. Thanks again, David

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