my car is apparently totaled

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So about a week ago I walked out to my car early in the morning and it was on milk crates. The wheels where stolen the window was smashed out and I discovered they also stole the turbo and intercooler. Also a minor dent in the side. So I filed a claim they somehow appraised my car at 13k in damages and are trying to say it's a total loss. I don't see this at all I know I could fix the car easy with 3000$ and the car is beautiful 60k miles on an 09. I just don't know what to do. I can't have them total my car I owe too much on it and would basically be left with nothing at all. I have thousands invested in this car I bring it to shows it is absolutely beautiful. The car kbb's at 18k but I payed 24k for it a year ago and I have at the very least another 10k in aftermarket that I can't prove due to no receipts. I just wish my insurance company could settle on giving me what I believe I could fix the car with. Wouldn't that be more cost effective for them anyways? I haven't been able to talk to anyone from the insurance company yet but I would like to be more prepared when I do. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks ahead of time. I hope I can figure this out
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