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Pontiac Grand Am GT Monsoon Audio System

bensjetsbensjets Member Posts: 7
edited April 2014 in Pontiac

I blew out a rear deck speaker and does anyone know where I can buy a replacement or a pair that will work with this system? Crutchfield Electronics say they don't sell one. I checked GM and they want a terrible price just for one. I'd just go to Wal Mart or some place like that, but those type of speakers won't work with this system. It's a 2004 Grand Am GT with a stock Monsoon system and also has the stock amplifier in the trunk. The woofers and tweeters have their own seperate hot and ground wires. I guess I could just put another head unit in, but then I'd have to rewire the whole system, plus replace all the speakers. Thanks for any help.

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