Mini Cooper Clutch Problems!!

tsheaffer1tsheaffer1 Member Posts: 2
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I WOULDN'T buy another Mini Cooper!!!!!
I own a 2010 Mini Cooper convertible and the clutch went out in the thing. I have owned manual transmissions all my life and i have never had to replace a clutch!!
My husband contacted mini and they told him, "it wasn't under warranty!"
I have owned this car for about a year and i now have to put $3000 into this car!
I like my mini cooper BUT i will never own another one because from looking at all the complaints against their clutches, they should of had a recall.
I am very disappointed in Mini for not standing behind there crappy parts!

Its crazy because in ALL their commercial they show people ripping in their mini's....but when you call them they accuse you of ripping it and thats why the clutch went out!! I very RARELY rip in this car and the damn clutch still went out!


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