Passenger Sliding Door will not open or close automatically

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Hope someone can help. My sliding door will not catch to open or close automatically. You can hear the motor running but all there is are clicks, the door won't catch. I would like to repair this myself and was wondering where I could get instructions or diagrams of how to get to that part of the car to see what's going on. Any suggestions would be great!


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    One place to try is your public library for online access to repair manuals. Usually the offerings are heavy on "mechanical" repairs instead of "auto body" repairs though.

    The Online Repair Manuals discussion may give you some more leads.

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    I checked out a few of the links. owners manuals are free but repair manuals cost quite a bit. one site wanted $500! But thank you for replying so quickly.

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    Yeah, I paid $150 for one for my Nissan minivan back in '99, but wound up getting an identical "copy" online a few years back for free. Sometimes you can find the factory ones on eBay.

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