2001 olds alero flooding and rough idle

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I have a 2001 2.4l oldsmobile alero it was running fine. Then all of a sudden going up a hill the car started to lose power. I just recently changed the plugs and coil, I put new ones in last night since the old ones was covered in carbon. It is using a unreal amount if fuel and it only runs decent at higher rpms.

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  • nagad2012nagad2012 Member Posts: 3
    Got it thanks for the info the fuel pressure regulator was cause the car to flood and one of the coil packs went back
  • nagad2012nagad2012 Member Posts: 3
    Fuel was in the vacuum line
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    @nagad2012 said:
    Fuel was in the vacuum line

    Your original post contained good facts about what you saw and what happened. That helped give clues to potential problems--over rich mixture due to carbon on plugs.

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