Vehicle Value (after accident)

ghenry0007ghenry0007 Member Posts: 2
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I'm looking into a Lexus IS 250, but it's had two previous MINOR accidents, repaired from a dealership both times. The car is Obsidian black, w/ Luxury pack & 18" wheels. I've inspected the damage areas. The front bumper looks to have never been in an accident at all. (no major scratches, just small chips from highway debris, and fully painted), but the rear passenger quarter panel has some paint exposing the white plastic underneath. The wheels have some pretty significant scuffing on them as well. What should I pay for a vehicle like this? (I'm in the market for something efficient, with a chassis that's still fun to drive). I've driven the vehicle, tracks straight and true, no steering or suspension problems exist, engine is as quiet as a Prius.

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