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2014 Toyota Avalon Cell phone

hluff911hluff911 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Toyota

I just got a 2014 Avalon Limited with the tech package. I paired by iPhone 5 with no problem, but while in the car my cell phone is muted....I don't get any alert tones or text tones. When I go to settings it doesn't let me choose "messages" to set it up. Does anyone have any ideas?



  • drwilldrwill Posts: 1

    I've only had my 2014 Limited for one week, and I have an iPhone 4, but my phone doesn't seem to be muted when connected to the car. I went into "Sounds" on the phone and tested my text tone and ring tone and both played through the phone. I haven't gotten a text yet while in the car, so don't know if the car somehow blocks the tone, or whether it's just that the iPhone 5 is different than the 4.

  • When I test drove the 2014 Avalon Limited, I had great difficulty seeing the GPS map on the screen on a bright day. Has anyone had this problem, and is there a fix?

  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84

    My 2014 Avalon uploaded my contacts from my cellphone, but has sorted them by first name, rather than by last name. Is there a setting option where I can edit this so that my contacts will be sorted by last name (which I would prefer)?

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