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Cost to replace faulty LED headlight in a Toyota Corolla?

jjdphotographyjjdphotography Posts: 9
edited April 2014 in Toyota

Has anyone priced the low beam replacement? Does the entire headlamp get replaced or simply the LED? I've read that the replacement is very expensive, but no part number or dollar amount was mentioned.

I am considering the purchase of a Corolla. I know LED's are supposed to last a long time, but I've seen 7th gen Accords (06-07) with LED's not working in the taillights.

Love the fact that an inexpensive / reliable car comes standard with these headlights. Would not like if I had to fork out 1k for headlights 5 years down the road...

Thank you.


  • I visited the local Toyota dealership today as I am really interested in a new Corolla (most likely 2015 model). The LED headlight is part of the housing, meaning the entire headlamp has to be replaced. The part number is: 81150-02E60 and the price... drum roll, please! $737.37 for one assembly :neutral_face:

    The price will probably come down as the model gets older. Plus they will be available as cars get scrapped. The lights should last the life of the car as I've read they should have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

    Still love the look of them!

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