Toyota Sequoia rear latch rusted shut

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Could not get my lift gate to open on my '03 sequoia. Took it to the dealer. They said they spent 3 hours and could not get rear lift gate to open. I spoke with the mechanic directly. They suggested I take it to a body shop to have the lock mechanism cut out, as they did not want to damage the door. Felt auto body shop would have a proper tool. My door handle has been replaced 2 times, the last time with a metal one. Is there a way to free the lock mechanism from the inside? The interior panel is off. One video showed cutting the "U" shaped catch bar with a diamond blade sawmill. That seemed dangerous.


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    I feel sad for all people having tha same problem with this car model, because they are not looking the reason why the handle is broken.
    Last weekend my friend ask me for help to open his rear liftgate door on his toyota sequoia 03, I did check it and I found that the handle was broken and I recomended him to buy the door lock assembly too. Because that is the real problem on those cars. So after that I started a search on internet about this issue to see what's going on, but I found that all people are replacing the handle only and speaking that Toyota is charging $300 - $400 bucks for fix it, but toyota is replacing the lock assembly for that price.
    So if you want to do it yourself,
    buy the parts.
    1- handle $15
    2-lock assembly $92.00
    Note: if you do NOT hear the ACTUATOR noise when you turn the key to unlock the door you must buy the ACTUATOR too.
    About your question on your post, you can get open the door after you remove the interior trim panels all those panels are atached with clips only.
    Good Luck!
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    Had same problem with my 02. Broke the handle. Took all panelings out and was able to use a clothes hanger to hook the wire and was able to open it. Bought a metal handle, replaced it, shut the door and it wouldn't open hahaha :(

    So used the clothes hanger again to fish for the wire, back door opened again, I looped metal wire in between the metal catch just below the end of the cable, closed it and problem solved :)

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