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Oil change and other "routine" diesel maintenance items

easypareasypar Member Posts: 191
edited April 2014 in BMW

I decided this ought to be a separate thread instead of lumping it in with my possible purchase of a 328d thread. I tried researching the service intervals for the 328d but the online owner's manual doesn't show anything for routine maintenance other than "always have all work done at your dealer"!!!

OK, I understand they like to get all the after-purchase business they can get but does anyone on here own a 328d that can tell me how often oil/filter changes are required? Also are there any other routine maintenance items I should be aware of?

I noticed that the "5 year cost of ownership" on Edmunds didn't look out of line for the price of the car. That tool always shows high numbers for year 3 but it also shows that for our Subaru and unless you take the car in to the dealer for them to charge $700-$1,000 to walk around under the car and make sure no bolted on parts are falling off I consider that a false number. Although I suppose tires could be a year 3 item which could jack the number up.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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