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Looking to finance his car this weekend and did a search on here but did not find much. Anyone have some info to help me not get robbed by the dealer? Thanks a lot.


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    Hm, maybe "credit" would be a better search term. For example:

    Getting the Best Rates on Your Car Loan

    Oh, here's the laundry list of auto finance articles.

    A couple of things - if you get preapproved, you can ask the dealer to beat your rate. Often they can (dealers make money on packaging loans so they have an incentive to get you financed.)

    There's cheap financing on Versa Notes right now - check the incentives link - chances are cheap rates are available for your zip code. As mentioned in that first link above, you may want to find out your credit score to see if you qualify for those low rates.

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    Thanks a lot Steve.

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    Not so much a "trick", but when we bought our new Note, just mentioning to the dealer that we had researched the car on Edmunds got us to the lowest internet price for the vehicle. We were also amazed that we got $2000 in cash incentives on the Note B)

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