GMC Acadia Transmission problem

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Rats!! I wish GMC had put out a warning on the transmission problem. Mine went out with 81K and I bought it new from dealership, have done all maintenance through them except the stupid water pump that went out on the way back from the cemetery after my mother-in-laws funeral. When I got the notification about the water pumps being recalled, they would not reimburse me because I had the work done by my former mechanic who doesn't have computer generated service receipt like the dealership does. But they would replace the replacement. Really? As far as I know, my former mechanic put in a better one than the original. But, back to the transmission. So my dealership calls today to let me know it is the 'wave plate' yada yada yada and it's gonna cost $3k or I could get a new one for $4k, but there aren't any available anywhere and it would take probably 10 days to find one. Really? I think I know why they can't find a new one, after reading this discussion. So, I don't want to rent a car for 2 weeks so they are repairing it. I did like others: researched this car and had high hopes to run it till they didn't make parts anymore. Didn't expect that to be at only 81K. I think my dealership has tried to be very good to me and I feel that General motors needs to take care of their people. My dad worked 30 years for GM and would never drive anything else; I hoped to extend that loyalty, but when I hear about people driving their Hondas forever, I am having some serious second thoughts. This transmission is supposed to be heavy duty; I ordered it from factory with tow package for extra protection so I could pull my little box trailer and we don't do that very often. I plan on letting my dealership know how PO'ed I am and hope if enough people complain maybe GM will take care of their loyal customers. And I will definitely be checking here before buying my next vehicle. $40K vehicle only gets you 81K miles. GEEZ!


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    I have a 2007 GMC Acadia that is giving me the blues, the check engine light is on something about something with the emission but what no one knows, give me a break someone knows what it is. Now the freaking transmission is acting like it doesn't want to change gears, the weird part about it just checking thing under the hood found out the water was low in the reservoir bottle put some in and tried driving the car again and it drove as if nothing was wrong with it. So I say okay I am a coo coo head so five days later I am pulling out of my drive way it acts like it doesn't want to change gears again so I pull back up in the drive way put some antifreeze in it and put the car in each gear and let it run in each gear for about a minute each pulled on out of the drive way and went on my mary way never had any trouble out of it the rest of the day, can someone please explain this crazy car to me please before I chunk it out as a possessed vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very frustrated
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