Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S?

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Hi all,

So after doing research on both vehicles, they seem to be the same car, so what are the differences between them and which one would be better suited for tuning and modifications such as adding a turbocharger?

Thank you!


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    Yeah, there isn't much difference between them. There are some minor trim details, so if you're shopping, make sure the one you're looking at has all of the features you want (e.g., the Scion doesn't come with Bluetooth standard).
    Here's a nice write-up with details on the differences:

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    In short, they are both the same, just the subie is a little more grown up. they both have the same 4cyl boxer engine, and are built the same, in the same factory. they both have their minor cosmetic differences (badges, air vents, subie has a lip and spoiler, etc). Probably the biggest thing is that the FRS has a little tighter suspension, so it likes to wag its tail a little more.
    go ahead and look up the toyota gt86 too. its another of the same. i love them all 3.
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    I'd check out your local dealers. See what kind of reputations they have on the service side. They're both the same basic car without a lot of big differences, so I'd go with the better dealer unless there's some feature you care about and can get on one but not the other.
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    hey everyone. i can only tell you that i had a brz and was not happy at all. it looks sporty outside but at the end of the day its nothing crazy... also had a wrx tsi. now that's a sports car! don't recommend the brz at all..
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    oh i just realized this is old sorry.. hope you got something you loved :)
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