Chevy Avalanche transmission problems!!!

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I have an 03 avalanche, only has 19k original miles. The other day I was driving and it went into limp mode I checked the fuses and an ignition fuse was blown I changed it and all was good again. A few weeks later it went back into limp mode, checked fuse all were good, so I reset the computer and go for a test drive still in limp mode. While I went to reverse out I put it back in drive and all forward gears wouldn't work... So I did some research I changed the 1-2 and 3-4 shift solenoids and transmission filter. Still no forward movement.. So I changed the VSS because my speedometer quit working too. Still nothing. If I put the truck on jack stands the wheels turn in all gears... Can someone help me I am having a hard time believing I need a rebuild with such low miles... Also when I changed the fluid it wasn't burnt and looked good


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    Wow! 19k miles is almost brand new. Did you have your 03 in mothballs? I have an 04 with 180k miles and no tranny problems to this point. Replaced a freeze plug 100k ago and some slight adjustments to the rear dif at 2k. Otherwise, no issues. I can only recommend taking it to a reputable trans shop  which I'm sure you have considered. Since they stopped making the Avalanche in 2013, the values for used are climbing. Your 03 with only 19k miles could be worth some good $ in a few years! 
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