Honda Pilot versus Acura RDX

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My wife will be looking to replace our Honda Odyssey within the next year. We have three teenaged kids, all close to 6 feet, so the Odyssey is nice due to its ample space. My wife also likes the Odyssey due to its safety. However, when replacing the odyssey she is looking to get into an SUV, hence I was thinking about the RDX. Safety, Space, and "fun to drive" are her three main criteria when selecting a new vehicle.

Now, we have heard that a new version of the Pilot is going to be revealed at some point next year. I was wondering if anyone has any information on this vehicle in light of the above criteria. Also, the RDX is at the top of our price bracket for sure, but does anyone think that the RDX might be a good choice? Is it worth the money in your opinion and why?

Thanks folks!

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