2001 Chrysler Sebring LX convertible automatic/autostick, leaking fluid out of axle shaft.

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Newbie so if I am in the wrong place some one tell me. here is my problem: My daughters Sebring badged an LX but has auto shift, front drivers side lower ball joint broke. Also the half shaft was pulled from the transaxle. I have so far replaced: complete lower control arm, control arm to sway bar attachment, drivers side axle, and axle seal to transaxle. now it is leaking tranny fluid badly at the point where the axle goes into the trans axle. I had to pry out the old seal but the new seal just went in with out any pressure. they look Identical so I am at a loss as to why. also there looks like something should be between the out side of the seal and the inside of the housing. any help would be appreciated


  • There may be fluid leaking through the seal. No pressure = no seal= leaking. Sorry. It should be a tight fit,

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