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Transmission problems - Answers for you

unhappymom1unhappymom1 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet

I bought my son a 2009 Aveo and shortly thereafter he started having problems. (85,000 miles) The check engine light came on. My sons car would only drive about 30 - 40 miles per hour; it would a long time for the acceleration to build up on the car. My son's car is eating up gas like you would not believe. I bought this car for good gas mileage to help him for highschool. Apparently transmission fluid was leaking into the radiator, which in turn contaminated the radiator, coil (something) and all hoses. After getting the radiator and lines replaced, then we had to replace thermostat.
One week later the speedometer stops working, gear is morphed and not sending correct signal to output speed sensor. So all of this was caused by radiator leaking coolant into transmission fluid. And this is apparently a common problem in Chevy Aveos from 2005-2011 models. From what I have read from alot of everyone in this forum, you are all experiencing different parts of the same problem, it just depends on what happens first to your car and/or when you check it. I just spent over $1500 repairing my sons car. A week later had it back in the shop and went on line and learned all of this information and now in order to fix the speedometer, it will cost the price of the transmission and it is not worth it. My sons engine is fine says the mechanic at this time, so we are hooking up a GPS to his car so he knows how fast he is driving and we are driving the car until it will not run anymore. All his other sensors,etc on the vehicle do not work, his car is still wasting gas. Chevy knew about this problem since 2005 and could have fixed and/or tried to change the engine, etc. and they did not do it. I used to own Chevys but I doubt I will ever buy one again. I am just too disappointed - this was my son's first car. My first car was a Chevy Monte Carlo when I was 17. Chevy seems to have gone downhill.

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