Good Buy? 2000 F350 Crew Cab?

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I have run across a new 2000 F350 4X4 Crew Cab through a dealer near where I live. It has an XL package, off road package, auto transmission, air conditioning, am/fm cassette, cruise and tilt, long bed, but has the 5.4 gas motor. That is why it probably hasn't sold. They have it marked down to $26,700. I live in flat Texas country, don't haul much, but need the room for family. I will usually drive it to work(24 miles commuting per day) and am not too much of a speed demon, being just past 50. I live in the country and my job requires a lot of dirt road driving. Does anyone have any comments on the way this truck is set up and what I want it for? Gas Mileage?


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    Well, your gas mileage will suck, because those Superdutys have the aerodynamics of a brick. I'm not sure how the 5.4 will hold up in one of those monsters, but for you it should be fine. Dirt road driving will work fine, the twin I-beam front suspension was designed for toughness and usually holds up well, but be warned, it will not be a comfortable ride.

    If you haul light loads and don't really need 4x4, a good setup would be a simple Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4x2 with a V6 or (recommended) V8. They have plenty of room (i'm 6'4" and find the backseat just fine), but if you really want the longbed, well then a Superduty/Heavy Duty is really the only way to go, unless you want to wait for the 2002 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab longbed. I dont like their backseat though.
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    I would price out that truck NEW on Edmunds and add $500 to invoice and see where you are. I paid about $2000 more for a new one last year with V10 XLT but a 5 speed. Also check the actual used truck values here and NADA and KBB. Good luck.
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    How bout a 2000 F-350 4x4 Lariet diesel six speed crew cab duelly for 23995???
    didnt say mileage
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    Have a friend who is a wholesale dealer who goes to the auto auctions and ford factory auctions. He has seen a couple of months ago. F250 Lariet CC SB 4x4 Powerstroke Auto. Fully loaded for less than $31,000 sell. Brand new, less than 100 miles. Have seen dually 350 4x4 the same sell at a similar price. They sometimes give these trucks away at the auctions. Usually 3-4000 below dealer invoice on new, and even less if they have been titled.

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