Shopping for a Mazda CX-9

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I've found a 2014 CX9 Sport FWD selling for 24,800 new. Thoughts on this price and what could I get them down to and advice on how. First car I've shopped for on my own so need a little help. Thanks!


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    I'm actively shopping right now - I haven't purchased all that many cars over the years, but it's a bit daunting even for me, and I've been reading buying stories and the advice articles here for a lot of years now.

    First piece of advice is don't be afraid to walk away from a deal so you can sleep on it. Your dream car may get sold but another truckload will be arriving the next week or two. Having a friend go with you helps a lot too. They (hopefully) won't get as excited as you and will help you keep your expectations in line (and your bank account solvent).

    There's lots of Car Buying articles here.

    For pricing, you can Build Your Own CX-9 and try to meet or beat TMV. I come up with a TMV of $28,101 for my zip code, so you already have a great price. I'm guessing your dealer is passing along the current $3,500 incentive?

    You can also try a buying service like our Price Promise. Lots of people like a "less hassle" approach.

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    Thanks for the advice. My question to you is do you think they'd come down being they already have the 3500 incentive?
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