loose metal rods after replacing center brake light?

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I replaced the center brake light, which had to be loosened from under the trunk. To access this, a weird plastic clip had to be opened that was holding two long, crossed metal rods that span across the top of the trunk. I have no idea what their purpose is. But after replacing the light, I could not get the clip back on. Now the rods rattle together while I'm driving and it's so annoying. I have the Haynes manual for the car and I couldn't find any information about these rods or what they do or if there is a trick to get the clip back on.
Has anyone had experience with this?


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    Sounds like some "torsion" bars that help pop the trunk lid open. I had that problem in an '82 Tercel after a decade or so. Fortunately, mine didn't rattle. You can find the clip on parts sites that show the assemblies but there's no info on how the clip works. (link)

    Until someone posts the trick, you might try some zip ties on them.

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    Thanks! It does help to know what they are called and their purpose. I think I'll put some foam between them and zip tie together to shut them up until I can fix it.

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