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We just leased a 2014 Civic EX-L and have had the car back to the dealership three times because the TPM light keeps coming on. The mechanics keep "repairing" it but after it is driven about 20 miles or so, it comes back on. I have also reset it twice by myself with the mechanics instruction over the phone. Since the dealership is a 100 mile round trip, this is getting ridiculous. Today they supposedly called the factory and received some information on new codes and assured me it was fixed. On the way home, the light came on once again. The car has about 600 miles on it....considering we have driven it back to the dealership three times, we haven't used the car much at all. Anyone else having this same problem? Any one had this problem and got it fixed and want to share what the fix actually is? Our Honda dealership apparently doesn't know how to fix it.

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    Hi, welcome. Dumb question but does your Civic have a sensor on the spare and does it have air in it?

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    I am not sure. Will have to check. Supposedly the 2014 civic tires now have wheel sensors installed.

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    I suppose the next step would be to replace the sensor(s) or find another dealer..

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    What did you have fixed when you went back to the dealer? sensor? maybe they didn't reset the TPMS system or pressure threshold is low. Does the dash say which tire is low?

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    Thanks for your responses. We will mention to them about replacing the sensors. Sounds like this would be something they would have already done, but haven't.

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    Dash does not say which tire is low. They have reset it the first two times and instructed me how to reset it myself. Now it's more than annoying because there appears to be no fix.

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    Maybe they didn't reset the TPMS system. I replaced a sensor today and you also have to clear the codes in the TPMS system to keep the light off.

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    I doubt they have replaced any sensors yet. They are coming for it tomorrow and keeping it until they figure it out. Will mention about replacing them. Thanks!

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    I have the same exact issue. This is now being reported by many people. They knew about the issue on 3/12/1 (reported Honda/nhtsa) and did not mention it to me when I purchased the car. I am so frustrated & mad...I waited 14 year for my first brand new car. The dealership says they are waiting on the "computer fix" from Honda. I have been waiting since 3/22/14 and no word. I opened a case with Honda.


    Date Reported:
    MARCH 12 2014

    NHTSA Reference:


    TSB Reference:



    Repair Information for NHTSA #10055127

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    I am having the same TPMS problem with my brand new Honda Fit. Like someone else posted above, I waited 12 1/2 years to buy a new car and wasn't expecting to have to deal with this. It's very annoying. I kind of want my 2002 Toyota Echo back. :-/

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    I'm having the EXACT problem with my 2014 civic. They say the same thing... waiting for a computer fix from Honda. In the mean time that doesn't help me. Grrrrrr
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    I've got a 2014 Honda Civic coupe and am having similar problems.

    1) Random Passenger Airbag "off" indicator lights up
    2) Random Traction Control "off" indicator lights up
    3) Blue Tooth function intermittent to Cell Phone Music
    4) Tire Pressure System reports low pressure intermittently

    The dealer is having me drop the car off this Tuesday and will give me a loaner. So, I will let you know what I find out.

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    Looks like I found the problem ..... Android phones connected via bluetooth cause all these problems. Grrrr

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    Really? I have an android phone so I will be watching for this problem. How many miles on your car before it came on for the first time, if you remember? I just got my car June 3 and have less than 700 miles on it. I have an unrelated question here....had anyone else noticed that the paint seems to be kind of cheap? I brushed up against my car, barely touching it with a shop in bag (the flimsy plastic bags) and it scratched the paint? I don't know if because it's black it's just that much noticeable but I am so unhappy with that. Other than that the car is amazing.

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    Hey guys just bought 2014 civic ex and same tire pressure light kept going off. Here's what I did. Add air to my tires to just under max load. Reset and recalibrate everything that I could including miles. Don't worry resetting the miles doesn't affect the meter on the main screen. It worked for me good luck.
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    I have a 2014 Honda Civic LX that I got in July. On the first day my check tire pressure came on and the dealer said to just reset the TPMS. Since October the light has been on continuously. I have had it at the Honda dealer 6 times. They keep resetting and doing stuff to it and about 18 - 20 miles it comes back on. I finally had enough and faxed a letter to the manager and told them they sold me a "lemon". I got a call back that day from the manager and they are getting me a rental car and are having Honda engineers come in to look at the car to figure out what is wrong with it since nothing Honda Corp. has told them to try is working. This is so frustration and I'm starting to hate this car. I got a new car so I wouldn't have to deal with this crap!!!
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    It.s late right now and I will probably rewrite this tomorrow, but I had the same issue with the tire pressure light. I bought my 2014 Civic in May of 2014. In a little over a year I put almost 40,000 miles on it because of my job. I took the car back to the dealership several times because of the TPMS light. The last time was on 8/22/15 and they wrote "TPMS light needs to be turned off. It's crazy!". They told me not to worry about it, but on 9/11/15 my car caught on fire while I was driving it. Thankfully I was alone because it happened really fast and I had to slam the car into park and jump out on the hwy. I will attach as many pictures as I can because everyone who sees the pictures understands how bad this was, everyone except for Honda. I always got my car serviced at East Coast Honda in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I can't stress this enough: whoever is having this problem your car is dangerous and you need to take it back and demand a new car. You can contact me here and I will give you all the documentation and the rest of the pictures to substantiate this. And if you don't want to do that, please carry a razor for the seat belt and a hammer for the window. I was told over and over again how lucky I was that the seat belt didn't melt and I was able to open the door. I can't even think about what would have happened if I wasn't alone. As frustrating as that light is, it is representative of a much bigger, much more dangerous wiring problem.

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    It looks like the fire started in the cabin of the car? At least that's what the photos look like.
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