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Nissan Rogue CVT transmission

carol138carol138 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Nissan

at 4106 milles car would not go over speed of 20. After some delay 5 days 7 hours from home,needed new transmission. Nissan long delay in delivery to service shop. \Hard time reaching cEastern regaional sales supervisor. Lost salary, etc. NEED A SAFETY RECALL. Thank God it did not happen on the Thruway. Like everyone else car would not move. Trying to get out of lease, no response from dealer upstate to put me in different car. Not sure if I willl ever lease another Nissan. Who do we have to complain to to get a recall.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited April 2014

    Complaints should go to the NHTSA at (although they can drag their feet for years).

    Nissan loaned a 2014 Rogue SL in March for a long-term tester. None of the editors much like the CVT although it hasn't gone into "limp" mode.

    My wife and I are actively shopping cars - I toss out possible cars and she researches them. We have a '99 Nissan Quest that we've run into the ground and the other day she stumbled onto the Rogue and asked me why I hadn't pointed it out to her. I told her to look up the CVT complaints. All cars seem to have their issues, and I like Nissans, but we passed on the Rogue because of the CVT.

    Maybe the dealer will let you switch to another vehicle without losing too much money (a Quest or Versa Note perhaps?).

    2014 Nissan Rogue: Nice, But CVT Is a Deal Breaker

  • dmw56dmw56 Posts: 3

    Purchased 2008 Rogue , CVT failed out of warranty with Dealer telling me to junk the car because of high CVT repair costs and unknown reliability afterwards. Run/Trade away from Nissan CVT's.

  • jacklynhjacklynh Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    I purchased my car in 2013, in Bradenton, FL where I lived at the time, with approx. 30,000 on it. I purchased it with good faith that I would have this car for years to come but I started experiencing transmission issues and power loss not too long after I purchased it, not really knowing what was going on just knowing that after I would get off of the interstate and come to a stop light that my car would take forever to accelerate and would shift very hard.

    In July of 2015 I was in Tennessee on vacation, before moving here, I was driving through the Smoky Mountains when my car started experiencing these same issues. Losing power, unable to accelerate and having shifting issues in the mountains. It smelled like the car was over heating but the temperate gauge did not show any signs of overheating.

    In August of 2015 I had my car on cruise control on the interstate when my RPM gage would quickly bounce up to 5-6 without putting any pressure on the gas pedal and my car was decelerating, not accelerating. I turned off my cruise control but gave my car a little bit of gas so it would keep moving and again the RPM gage would slam up and my car would not accelerate at all. As a reminder, I was on the
    interstate. I got off of the interstate, shut my car off and let it cool down for about 30-45 minutes which seemed to temporarily do the trick. I took my car to the car dealer where I purchased my car the very next day, they then had me take my car to the Nissan dealer in Bradenton, Firkins Nissan. They test drove my car and "couldn't recreate the issue" and since there was no check engine light on they couldn’t check for any fault codes.

    Since then I have continued to experience acceleration and shifting issues. My car is unable to shift into the proper gear on the smallest hills and makes a loud whining noise, I have to put my car into neutral when going down a hill.

    (I moved to Nashville, TN in October of 2015)

    In June of 2016 I was driving to Florida when my car had this transmission issue again. I was driving on the interstate with my car on cruise control when the RPM gage slammed up and the car would not accelerate. I was in the left lane on the interstate so I had to get to the shoulder
    on the right without my car accelerating and instead losing power and decelerating. I turned my car off, while sitting on the shoulder of the nterstate and let my car cool down for about 20 minutes. Again, this seemed to temporarily fix the issue.

    One week ago, August 12th, 2016, I was driving to Indiana from Tennessee when my car started experiencing these transmission issues again on the interstate in Bowling Green, KY. The RPM gage would suddenly increase to 5-6 without the car accelerating. I had to pull over on the side of the interstate because the closest exit was 2 miles away. I turned my car off and let it cool down for about 20 minutes, this time it did not do the trick. I pulled back onto the interstate and was unable to accelerate over 30 MPH before I had the same shifting issues when the check engine light came on. I went to Jim Johnson Nissan and they ran a code on my car which told them it was, in fact, a transmission issue. My car needs a valve body replacement, which my extended warranty is paying for the replacement but only 6 days of my rental car that I am in (as of today I have been in the rental car 11 days). The part is on backorder and as of August 15th the part was supposed to have a ship date of August 19th, however, I was notified this morning (August 22nd) that the part now has an estimated ship date of August 26th.

    I have reached out to consumer affairs and told them about what has been going on. My case was sent to the regional office where Kristin contacted me on Wednesday, August 17th and was of no help. I explained the issue to her and she did not seem to understand what I was explaining to her. She insisted that Nissan “cannot fix the cooler on my car”, I tried explaining to her that this is no cooler on my car but she continued to reiterate that Nissan cannot fix the cooler. I asked for a supervisor to contact me, Elise contacted me on Thursday, August 18th and left me a voicemail stating that she is standing by the decision that was made.

    Nissan needs to do something about this issue and consumer affairs is not helpful whatsoever.
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