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Radio, Air and 12V shut off intermittently. Toyota Sequoia.

number46number46 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Toyota

Hey gang. Has anyone experienced this problem? My 2010's radio, air and 12v inputs go out intermittently. I hear three "clicks" that seem to resonate from the dashboard toward the bottom left of the steering wheel. After a short time and three more "clicks" everything comes back on. The dealer can't seem to replicate the problem and do anything about it until they see it happen. I do have video, per their request, of it happening though obviously all you can see is the radio going out and coming back on its own. Car's great other than that and given great service. This problem is frustrating not because of the radio, but what potentially could be also failing leading to a bigger issue. Thanks.


  • willk1willk1 Posts: 3

    I'm not familiar with the fuse location on the Sequoia but I know there's a small 'fuse box' on the 4Runner right below the steering column. I would assume the dealer would have checked the fuses there. Not sure what else. Good luck with the issue.

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