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Need hood rubber seal strip, electrical concerns, Water into fan blower and Passenger floor

awh1awh1 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Dodge

Ok, this is for a 1997 Dodge Grande Caravan. The Rubber seal shrank, loosened and came off (on the edge of the hood towards the windshield wipers) and now water is pouring in. Also how hard is it to replace the front window rubber seals- those look pretty old and leaky too. My electrical is giving Problems (back wiper goes on when you turn car on, power windows sputter, Driver electric side view mirror moves independently... ) and also have had to replace multiple fan Blower Motors that filled with water and quit from water pouring in from the air grates near the windshield wipers. Plus, the Passenger side floor gets soaked when the water comes into the dash board area, and fan blower- this precedes the hood rubber strip seal failure. BTW- the leaf grill near wipers was not really clogged and the drain tubes were not clogged. Terrified this water problem will result in total electrical failure, HELP PLEASE!!! I've read of solutions to divert water from the holes where the water gets into the blower motor. What else can I do to protect my
electrical, as these symptoms are new? THANKS!!
Also where and what do i order to get the rubber hood strip replacement? THANKS!!


  • ddesousaddesousa Posts: 1
    edited August 2014
    Your problem is the drain holes in the wiper tray are plugged, most likely with pine needles. I live in a wooded area and need to clear them every few months. Luckily it's very easy to do once you know where the drains are.
    There are two 1/2 inch diameter corrigated drain hoses coming down from under the the wiper motor tray, one on each side of the vehicle. Simply pull them straight down to disconnect them and stick a slender object up into the hole to dislodge the mass of pine needles. You will likely get your hand soaked with pine needle "tea" so roll up your sleeve first. You will be surprised at how much water the tray holds, but once it fills up, not only is your blower motor and carpet getting wet, but the wiper motor is basically living under water 24/7 which will drastically shorten it's life as well. Your other issues could easily be caused by water overflowing from the tray into ares where it is not supposed to be.
    Good luck!
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