Toyota 3.4L Supercharger

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I want to supercharge my 1998 3.4 L with TRD supercharger. I have heard that the is insufficient fuel delivery with this setup that requires new injectors etc. Any insight would be helpful. Is this only on older models?


  • jholcjholc Member Posts: 25
    I believe the older one had some problems at lower elevations keeping up with fuel delivery. New injectors and a couple of other modifications solved the problem. I don't think the updated version has the problem. You could also talk to your dealer.

    Check out - lots of state chapters with tons of info on modifications to this truck including the supercharger. I read about one guy who installed his after 60K with no problems.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    I have the 2nd generation charger on my 01 tacoma and have no problems at all.
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    Hey 2k1trd-I'm thinking about getting the charger and wanted to know how your gas mileage is.Also, do you feel that the performance increase was worth the cost.I could get a Tundra for that much total outlay-I really do want to go with the double cab Tacoma for the maneuverability versus the Tundra-What do you think? Thanks,.
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