How many Mercedes Benz were sold in 1999 in Florida

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I am doing a project


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    I need help here

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    Hey there. I'm going to ask someone on our data team right now and will get back to you. Not totally sure we have data going back that far, though...

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    As I suspected, Edmunds doesn't have state-specific data going back that far; however, our Industry Analysis team was able to provide the following...

    In 1999, Mercedes-Benz sold 190,382 units across the United States.

    Across the last 5 years, Florida has accounted for 11.1% of Mercedes-Benz sales

    While it's quite likely that a whole lot of things have changed since 1999, if you multiply those figures, you can estimate that approximately 21,129 Mercedes-Benz vehicles were sold in Florida in 1999.

    To get the actual number, I would recommend reaching out direct to either Mercedes-Benz USA or Polk Automotive.

    Best of luck with your project!

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