Should I trade '04 GMC Yukon Denali?

jayjay73jayjay73 Member Posts: 1
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I have an '04 GMC Yukon Denali with 189,000 miles. It's a good car, may need some minor repairs (O2 sensor, etc) but I'd like to sell it outright and purchase something more fuel efficient like a 2004-2007 Nissan Murano. The murano doesn't seem to get great reviews and I'm not sure if I should stick with what I have or consider another car?


  • atlantadjatlantadj Member Posts: 3

    Mine has 150K and I have had it two years. One problem after another. Right now my air ride is shots and no one has answers. Sell and save yourself headaches! My old 97 Surburbam was awesome as it did not have all these electronics that just suck the money out of your wallet!

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