Chevy Cobalt will not start

moyo2014moyo2014 Member Posts: 3
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I have a 2005 chevy cobalt and today I was driving the car and stopped at a store. When I went back to the car and as I turn it on and press the ac the car turn off and will not turn back on. The car has power because when I have the door open it reads "door ajar" on the dash. What could be the issue?


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129

    What happens when you try to start it now? So you turn the key, and the dash lights come on. Does the engine sound like it's trying to turn over, or is there just a click when you turn the key and nothing else?


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  • moyo2014moyo2014 Member Posts: 3

    The care will not start. When I try to start it nothing happens. The dash lights does not come on. The engine does not turn over. I had someone go under the car and hit the starter with a screwdriver and the car sounds like it wants to turn on but does not click.

  • moyo2014moyo2014 Member Posts: 3

    I took the car to the dealer and they are telling me that the fuse center unit had shorted out. I asked them what would have cause it and they did not know. they asked if someone tried to jump start the car that sometimes that would short out the fuse center and I told them no that I did not get a jumpstart.

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