2014 Acura MDX. Any Positive Reviews From Owners?

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Well I'm looking into the 2014 MDX. I'm nervous because I keep reading about how the quality of the vehicle isn't what it used to be. I currently have a 2011 MDX and love it. I am looking to begin a new lease on the 2014 MDX but I'm nervous after reading reviews by owners. Every review I have read in magazines, and professional reviews on the internet give the MDX positive reviews. I have mixed feelings has anyone owned this SUV and had positive feelings about it???


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    There are some positive reviews from owners here:

    You can always comment on those reviews and ask if any owners have follow-up comments.


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    Do not get this car. I have a 2007 Acura MDX and was ready to pull the trigger when the new model came out. I will NOT be sticking with Acura. This model has created a new class of car. The Mini-Van-UV. It has less power, is less sporty, costs more, and is ugly from all angles except the front. Based on reviews I read it has lots of wierd issues. I find very few positive reviews from people who previously owned an MDX. I would stick with what you have now or at the very least wait for the 2015 model. Maybe they will address some of these issues. I doubt it though. I'm not sure what I will be getting next. I am looking at the Pilot, Audi Q7, and X5. I cannot believe Acura did this to their best selling car. Reminds me of what Cadillac did when it ruined itself. Shame on Acura, shame shame shame.

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    I never owned an MDX in the past. I love mine. No issues. I have the advanced.

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    This is a great question? As problems arise does the manufacture fix them on the line so the longer we wait to purchase the better the vehicle will be or do they just wait for next years model. My guess is that they fix them as they go. So your best bet will be to buy one in Nov or Dec and get a better deal on a 2014 vs 15. Which will probably be the same build.

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    I feel the 2013 MDX model was much more SUV like and had better handling. The 2014 has lost the sporty look and has become crossover like. Although Acura claims that 2014 is more roomier the facts look different. They always mention about increasing the length of the vehicle but never mention about decreasing the width and height. If one is looking to buy the Entertainment package you will have great difficulty in using the rare view mirror with the video on because it would block your vision, thanks to the lower height of the vehicle. I hope Acura goes back to the sporty look of 2013 MDX keeping the other improvements of 2014.

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    I bought one of the first in 7/2013. I had the left front vibration (fixed via adding padding underhood per a tsb). Only other gripe is minor - tiny rattle from the driver side window gasket which Acura will repair/replace. Sometimes the phone screen will not revert back to the previous screen after hanging up (can't reproduce this) but it's not major because manually switching to another screen cures it. The bav system has maps that were over 1.5 yrs old when I bought the car so it doesn't show new major hwy in MD which I use twice per week. Annoying. Otherwise, everything has been great.

    Handling - excellent - better that the last gen You can select three modes using IDS, sport, normal and comfort. Sport allows this MDX to generate higher skidpad grip than the previous gen. Comfort is "Buick" mode, super soft, comfy & less responsive (great for when my kid had concussions). Normal is a happy medium. I prefer sport.

    Fuel economy. Outstanding. 10k miles overall is 22.2 mpg. Hwy nets 27 up to 32mpg (not a typo) on level ground under 70mph no traffic no a/c. 26-28 under 75 w a/c.

    Little less power but a lot less weight = palpably quicker than the last gen. I found the last gen odd-looking, a little fugly, but aggressive. The new is less aggressive, more derivative, but no longer odd/fugly

    Safer via better crash protection/more high-strength steel. Braking distances are close, virtually a wash between the two. Make sure to get the AWD w/Tech to get the 19" wheels with lower profile tires, otherwise your handling decreases and you lose wet-weather traction/safety.

    Wayyyyyy quieter than before.

    The fuel economy difference will save me $450-$500 per year over the last gen. given lotsa hwy miles I drive. That's huge over ten yrs.

    When I bought there was $2500 incentive on last gen plus a willingness to sell at invoice. All the above, especially fuel savings, made the 2014 a no-brainer. I'd rather have waited for 2015, but needed a three-row then and couldn't wait. I'd buy it again ($1100 over invoice then) if I had to do it over.
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    I bought the MDX Advance. I would not buy this even for a discount of $10k. With an odometer reading of under 5k, I have had 4 childhood to the dealership one of which was a road side Acute care call. After 1 Toyota and 3 excellent Honda's I am fine with any Honda's or Acura. Most unreliable car I have owned. I regret not having bought a second Lexus 350Rd. The Mdx drives week but is unreliable.
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    Isn't this new MDX the first one built in the Honda Alabama plant? I had a rattle trap Odyssey built at that facility. Not impressed with their workmanship there.
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