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Toyota Sequoia Meet the Owners

slickrockslickrock Posts: 60
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Sequoia!

    My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

    Also, if you are interested in a live chat, I can arrange that for you. All Club chats are set up on

    4:00-5:00 pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET

    5:00-6:00pm PT/8:00-9:00pm ET
    6:00-7:00pm PT/9:00-10:00 ET
    7:00-8:00pm PT/10:00-11:00pm ET
    (The latter may be rather late for East Coasters, but is available if you want.)

    Let me know if you are interested in a chat and the day/time convenient for you.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Ya beat me to the punch. ;-)

    Owner's Clubs

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  • slickrockslickrock Posts: 60
    Hey, ya gotta be quick in this business... ;-)
  • Thanks KarenS for the new Sequoia spot.

    To quote "buyit22" from the other board: "I have a 4wd limited. ... When I put it in drive then touch the accelerator, there is a distinct click, click coming from the console area toward the front of the vehicle. It only clicks twice then goes away until the next startup. This is in 2wd mode. Any similar experiences?"

    I have a 4wd SR5 that I use exclusively in high 4wd mode and it always makes exactly the clicking sound you describe. I assume it's some sort of drive-train subsystem checking on itself, but I have no idea. Anyone know??
  • Picked up my wife's new (eleven miles) white Limited last Thursday. It's the first vehicle that she's ever had that had a sticker...although they didn't even put our sticker on the car.
  • mcmattmcmatt Posts: 80
    I have had my Sequoia for about a month now.

    Silver LTD 2WD with all options except bug shield, I think.

    So far, the only things that I haven't absolutely loved are the (1)GBS on alarm not working right and the dealer not knowing anything about it, (2) the booming bass stereo, and (3) the gas mileage so far is not quite 15mpg even though we have been on the road a few times. But overall, it is an excellent vehicle. I have been sold on Toyotas for a while.

    I am new to Town Hall, but I have read many posts and posted a couple. My interests will lie in the technical areas. I do a lot of work on my cars myself. I don't like hassling with service departments and then having to pay out the wazoo for it.

    I look forward to sharing stories with everyone. I am glad this forum is available.
  • slickrockslickrock Posts: 60
    Mine also does it, and from what I have read, I believe that it is part of the ECU (computer) self-checking process.

    I think it is normal, and given all the ECU's and relays in the vehicle, it's a wonder there aren't more than two clicks.
  • mcmattmcmatt Posts: 80
    Another confirmation on the two clicks. I think it is normal. It seems to occur when I reach a certain speed/rpm.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373

    the two clicks you hear when you put the car in drive mode are the self-checks of the VSC and TRACS... These are described/explained in the manual

    Hope this helps
  • oac3, thanks for the info that it's in the manual. This is embarrassing, but I've had my Sequoia for over a month and I haven't read the full manual, only the summary manual. Gotta crack the book!
  • fishcarfishcar Posts: 18
    Finally decided that I would jump in to the discussions. I have 1600 mi on my Silver SR5 (with DR,GY,RL,CC,AH,CQ,AC, and CF), and am loving it (it doesn't tick, and the audio is better than any other car I've had, so no complaints).

    Traded in my 88 4rnnr for the SQ... the 4rnnr was my baby... had a close encounter with an elk after 65,000 miles, and wasn't even out of alignment. Cost me (well, allstate) $4,500 for cosmetic repairs. Anyway, drove it another 70,000 before family expansion required moving up to 4 doors and more space (didn't want to leave one of my daughters home when I went camping/fishing). My experiences with the 4rnnr sold me on Toyotas.

    Has anyone heard instructions on how to program/train the Homelink for a home security system? I haven't tried calling the dealer yet, but am curious...

    Also, there has been a long thread on sequoia solutions regarding using synthetic oils. Will a dealer service dept listen to me when I ask them to use synthetics?

    Looking forward to some interesting discussions.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Some of you will notice that your messages from yesterday no longer exist. There was a major hiccup in the system last evening. apologizes sincerely for the difficulties this situation poses. Please rest assured that every effort is being expended to rectify this matter as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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  • pavebillpavebill Posts: 1
    Hello everyone! Been driving our 2001 4X4 Limited, Thunder Gray, since November. Now just coming up on 4700 Miles and it's really been running great. Been able to use the 4 wheel drive on several occasions because of snow and a couple of times 4 wheeling in muddy works great, lasts long time! (I hope) We're avid campers and took our first trip out since buying the Sequoia, last week. We have a pop-up camper we tow, which weighs in at about 2500 lbs. with water on board. The Sequoia towed it like it wasn't there, no problemo. Mileage, on the computer, came in a 17.7 for the 450 mi. round trip which included Freeway, City and mountain driving conditions.

    The only complaint so far is with the air conditioning system. About a week ago, the A/C light would begin blinking after about 5 minutes of operation regardless of mode of operation selected. As per the manual, took it in for service. Service center initially suspected tensioner problem.. took it back several days later for the fix, and they said it was now looking more like a compressor problem. They did a temp fix which they thought would get us through our trip, it did not! Fairly sweltering in 90-95 degree temps on the desert...the sunroof came in handy. Will have it back in the shop Tuesday, will keep you all posted. See ya around the club!
  • debbiev1debbiev1 Posts: 10
    Hi, my husband & I purchased an LTD 4x4 a week ago Saturday(April 7th). I have not seen it since about 4pm on Mon the 9th. We purchased it out of state & drove home the next day. When we arrived home it was smoking and leaking oil something fierce!! Monday, after work I drove it to a large dealer dealer. Since then, the only answers I have gotten are "the factory is involved, they ordered the part.... the part still isn't here..... don't know what else to tell you ma'am... we'll let you know when we know something"
    By the way this is after they told me it was the cam shaft.'
    Being a female nurse who takes care of newborns, I don't know much about cars. We had 2 bad experiences, 2 different trips up to get it. my husband said then it was an omen NOT to get this SUV.Now this. I am a VERY patient person, but am EXTREMELY irritated now. My very 1st vehicle was a Toyota truck... no problems.
    How serious is a cam shaft problem, & does this mean I can expect to see more problems with my SEA, despite Toyotas "reliable" reputation? My SEQ only had 325 miles on it when I dropped it off at the service department....I only had it 48 hours, and we use it for our business...of course they gave me something comparable to drive......a Camry! 40K+ SUV vs. 20K car. You tell me?!?

    I do have to say, the 295 mile ride home was AWESOME!!! Amazingly smooth compared to the Chevy SUV I traded in.
    Any input from mcmatt who seems to be technically inclined??? Or ANYONE????
  • jiml3mjiml3m Posts: 2
    Greetings, Picked up my Marlin Blue SR5 2 weeks ago. Just passed the 500 mile mark with no problems. I have noticed the booming base syndrom and my kids complain they can't hear the stereo very well from the 3rd seat. When they put the extra 4 speakers in for the upgraded stereo do any of them get put in the rear?
  • damuhodamuho Posts: 1
    Picked up our White SR5 4x4 last Friday. Drove it out of the lot with only 5 mi. No complaints here. Quiet yet powerful. We love it!

    The stereo sounds great with bass at +2 for CDs and -4 for AM/FM. Have not used the cassette player, yet.

    Only heard of the clicking noises in this forum.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I am glad to say I am the proud owner of a new Sequoia.The vehicle does not tick no piston slap noted.The vehicle puts the Tahoe and Ford extinction to shame.The quality of the interior, ride, and comfort exceeds the competition.I am talking from experience having owned a Ford E150 conversion van.The people I know who have 2000 Tahoes are experiencing brake problems, the vehicles at times will not stop.The Sequoia is more than I expected.This is my first Toyota and if it lives up to the Toyota reputation it will not be my last Toyota.
  • has just put over 1000 miles on the odo...she loves it. Only one complaint:

    it was really windy today, and at Interstate speed, the SEQ needed more steering adjustment than the Volvo 850 Turbo that she drove before.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    This week's topic:

    My vehicle is better than yours because....

    Brag about your ride on Tuesday, May 8, 5-6pm PT/8-9pm ET in the new News & Views Weekly Chat

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  • geepergeeper Posts: 18
    Thunder Gray Limited 2WD is Momma's first new car ever. Hope she enjoys it as much in 15 years as she does now (ha ha). Whew! $42K drive out! ;) So far so good!! Will be taking a family car trip in about 6 weeks, which is why we purchased.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    We just got our silver limited May 3, drove it to Las Vegas and back for a family reunion. It was a little bit of a hassle to keep varying the speed for the first 1000 miles but it was still great to drive. On the way down I got 18 MPG and on the way back I got 19. I was very impressed. I have no problems, I love the booming bass. My only problem was having trouble checking the oil level. After driving 600 miles and letting the car sit overnight, I had trouble finding the oil on the dip stick. Seems to run very clean! Still getting used to all the electric windows. Is there a way to raise them all at once with one switch?
  • nighter50nighter50 Posts: 127
    Ok, I took the plunge. Picked up my new 4X4 this evening and I am very excited. I hope that this first year truck holds up for a while. The whole way home I kept trying to hear if it ticks or not. Just listening for it will drive you crazy! Finally just cranked up the JBL and enjoyed the ride! Thanks all for your information and insight.
  • rleonardrleonard Posts: 17
    Where do I find Bumper/Brush Guard and under hood light for my Toyota?
  • gillygangillygan Posts: 17
    Ahhhh. Finally. After months of patiently searching for a Red Pearl (we live in Philadelphia), we found one. SR5. Demo model with a couple thousands of miles in it - frankly we don't care - they break-in the car for us. :) At a price we can't refuse ($35,500 fully loaded except PM). Whatever.
    It's a wonderful SUV. Better, much better, than the Tahoe that we had. This is super exciting.
    And yes, the booming bass can be annoying. :)

  • wifehasitwifehasit Posts: 5
    10,000 miles later only one complaint with my 4x2 LTD. Rides great on long trips. Pulled a ski boat(3000-4000lb)without any problems. Gas mileage 16-17.5 mixed city highway, glad fuel here in Georgia is 1.27 per gallon and falling. Happy to join the owners club. I look forward to reading future posts. The one problem I have is not covered under warranty. How do I get the keys from my wife? Yes my wife has it right now.
  • gohabsgogohabsgo Posts: 18
    Finally after testdriving the Navigator, Expedition (both too bulky), MB / BMW (no cargo space), and '02 Mountaineer (very nice), I'm settling on the '01 Sequoia Limited and today offered the dealer $500 over invoice.

    Question: Anyone know anything about the '02 Sequoia's? Will they incorporate AWD? Realizing from all the posting, there seems to be some quality issues and you know the next model will address these.

    Currently driving a '97 Mountaineer and really loved it. Only 36k miles on it so contemplating selling it outright or go for a high trade. Really wish other SUV's like the Mountaineer had the keypad entry. Because of this little feature, may end up with the '02 model.

    Should I or should I not go with the Sequoia not thats the 40k question...
  • limey2limey2 Posts: 1
    We brought our Jade Green beauty home on June 10th.over a period of 20 years we have purchased nothing but American Made cars and trucks,and are sad to say have been disapointed in the reliability and workmanship of these vehicles,our 1997 Jimmy made us fall in love with the SUV,but gave us so many problems that even my husband, who is a ASE Master Mechanic finally gave up the ghost.The last straw came on one of our freqent trips to nearby Nashville Speedway,we spent the entire time cringing at the Check Engine Light glowing brightly at us.We decided to look at other options as far as auto makers went,and did some research on-line,the result was a visit to a Nashville Toyota dealer to initially look at 4-Runners,at this point we were not even aware of the Sequoia,and it was love at first sight!!.We test drove both the SR5 and the Limited,but I was not keen on the Limiteds' roof spoiler and Leather seats,I am one of those peculiar people who would rather sit on a seat of nails than "leather" upholstery.3 hours later we had our "Jolly Green",and oh what a joy this Toy is,attention to detail is obvious,no rattles or sqeaks,a joy to drive and heaven to ride in.My husband checked out the engine(and my hubby knows engines!),and he was very impressed at the set up and the design of same,we ran in the engine and last month my hubby drove to Texas to take care of some buisness for his parents,he said the drive was not long enough for the pleasure he got from this vehicle,its my turn this month,and though I am not fond of long trips where I have to do the driving,I can't wait for this one!.I am taking the 'Jolly Green' in for it"s first oil change next week,my hubby say's it is best to let the Dealer do the services for the life of the Warranty,just to be on the safe side.We have not found 1 negative with this vehicle and believe me we have looked,our gas mileage is averaging just over 18,and that's around town.We love this vehicle so much that last month we bought a Avalon!,but that's another wonderful story.Thanks Toyota,you have restored our faith!!!.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    What are the most important factors in your car-buying decisions? The Chicago Tribune is looking for a ranking of concerns such as safety, price, monthly payment, styling, quality, etc.

    Please send your response to, or post in Talk to the Press.


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  • rytaryta Posts: 8
    Hi folks...bought my 4 x2 this w/end, and very pleased so far...however, I only noticed Monday that it came with Bridgestone/Firestone tyres. Don't laugh..when we were examining the car, there was a hell of a rain San Diego!I forgot to check the tyres, and anyway would never have expected Toyota to use them given all the flack with Ford. Do all Sequoia's come with these tyres, and has anyone been able to have them switched? Thanks.
  • It's been a long journey... but the destination was worth it. I started cursorily looking at Lexus RX 300 and Nissan Pathfinder. Got to the final stages of negotiation on the Pathfinder LE six months ago... My wife was hell bent on the ML320. I was not overly excited with the cost/ performance value of the ML. So we decided to hold off.

    Then 3 weeks ago, we restarted the hunt looking at Yukon vs Sequoia vs a used 1999 LX470. Not impressed with the Yukon in terms of drive-ability and/or price points. The LX470 was a gem, but had 16K miles on it. More importantly, it turned out to be from Canada (had speedometer in km/hr !). Then we test drove the Sequoia - it was close to the LX470 in terms of ride (obviously the LX exuded luxury when you set foot inside !). Poured through all the technical specs and our demands and decided that we wanted a 2WD (we are not adventurous enough to take this expensive vehicle off Road), alloy wheels, preferred package and Desert Gold color.I called up the dealer's Fleet dept and told him what I need. He searched through the state to locate and after three days closed a three way trade to get me what I wanted.....

    Here's what we got -
    4x2, alloy wheel package, CC, fog lamp, keyless, dual AC, gold package, Convenience package... Price was $750 over invoice. Closed the deal Saturday and drove it home. Simplest negotiation ever.

    I am contemplating adding wood trim and leather seats. Have done my research and am in the negotiation phase. It appears that I am able to add leather for a lot less than the preferred package. Should have some $ left over for adding a CD changer! Will let you folks know how it goes.

    If you need recomendations on my dealer in Phoenix, let me know.

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